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Living in Los Alamos

Los Alamos, and its neighboring community White Rock, are the recipients of many major accolades including “best place to live in New Mexico,” “safest city in New Mexico,” “best place to raise a family in New Mexico,” “healthiest county in New Mexico,” and “best public high schools in New Mexico.” Los Alamos and White Rock were recognized as two of the “happiest small towns in America.” When these attributes are combined with our stunning vistas of the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Los Alamos is certainly a one-of-a-kind place to live. We have several resources to help you find a place to stay short- and long-term in our community.


Get a snapshot of Los Alamos & White Rock climate, geography, demographics and more. 

Planned developments in Los Alamos proper will increase housing availability by 10% in the near future.






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Dining in Los Alamos



Los Alamos has a variety of restaurant options, from fine dining to fast casual, from global cuisine—French, Asian, Greek, Indian and more—to New Mexican staples. You're sure to find something you love. Our community has the largest grocery store in the state, which also hosts a wine bar! LA Liquor also sells Indian groceries, you can find eclectic world cuisine at Sirphey, and French staples including croissants and macarons at Pig & Fig Cafe. Even our Starbucks is unique, in that you can be standing in line and hear discussions of a scientific nature…quarks and quantum dots!


Housing and Neighborhoods

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There are housing options to serve a broad range of interests. Planned developments in Los Alamos proper will increase housing availability by 10% in the near future. Low property taxes are a plus for the New Mexico resident. Real property taxes are the 49th lowest among the 50 states and there is no residence personal property tax.

Please click on the Blue Stars below for more information about each neighborhood. Click here for the School Board District Map (for elementary schools). 

Barranca Mesa

On February 27, 1958. a milestone was reached in the history of Los Alamos housing: a lottery was held and 68 lucky residents’ names were drawn to award the first group of privately-held lots in Los Alamos. Enter the roundabout at the end of Diamond Drive and head left up Barranca Road. Homes on Barranca Mesa are predominantly single-family and range from ranch style homes on large lots to spectacular canyon rim homes. 

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